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Ingredients: Mushrooms, Eggs, Milk, Flour, Oil for deep frying.

Spices: Uziza, Curry, Salt, Cameroon pepper, Onion powder, White pepper, Garlic Powder.

1. In one bowl, put flour
2. In another bowl, whisk eggs and milk together
3. In the third bowl, mix the remaining flour with the spices
4. Roll the mushroom in the plain flour
5. Dip in the eggs and milk mixture
6. Roll in the seasoned flour
7. Dip again in the eggs and milk mixture
8. Roll once more in the seasoned flour
9. Fry in hot oil till crispy and done
10. Serve with the Mushroom Dipping Sauce

Ingredients: Diced mushrooms, Diced plantain, Oil, Diced onions, Pepper and tomato paste, Sliced scent leaves, Diced spring onions.

Spices: Salt, Thyme, White Pepper, Uziza, Chilli.

1. Heat up oil
2. Fry the onions
3. Add the pepper and tomato paste, fry
4. Add the spices
5. Add water
6. Add the mushrooms
7. Add the plantains
8. Cover and let cook till done
9. Add the scent leaves and spring onions
10. Stir in
11. Remove from fire
12. Serve and enjoy

Ingredients: Eggs, Milk, Diced Mushrooms, Diced Boiled Potatoes, Oil, Onions, Diced, Red bell peppers, Diced tomatoes, Diced green peppers.

Spices: Salt, Cameroon Pepper, Curry, White pepper.

1. Beat the eggs and milk together with salt, cameroon pepper and curry, set aside
2. Heat the oil
3. Fry the mushrooms
4. Add the boiled potatoes and fry
5. Add onions and fry
6. Add the red bell peppers and fry
7. Add the tomatoes and fry
8. Add the green peppers and mix in
9. Season with a little salt and white pepper, let fry
10. Stir everything together then spread flat in the frying pan
11. Reduce the fire
12. Pour the egg and milk mix on top, spreading it all over
13. Cover and let fry from bottom
14. Place a plate on top and use to flip the frittata
15. Put pack in the pan (fried side up) and let the bottom fry
16. Switch off the fire
17. Serve and Enjoy

Ingredients: Water, Diced Mushrooms, Yellow Chilli Pepper, Garlic and Ginger, Diced onions, Butter, Flour, Milk, Spring onions.

Spices: Uziza, Salt, Thyme, Cameroon Pepper.

1. Add water to the pot
2. Add all the ingredients and spices
3. Cover the pot and let cook
4. When soft, remove from fire and let cool
5. Pour all in a blender and blend till smooth
6. Put pot back on fire
7. Melt Butter
8. Add flour and cook, stirring till smooth
9. Pour the blended mushroom mix into the flour and stir in
10. Add Milk and stir till smooth and thick
11. Add diced spring onions and stir in
12. Switch off fire
13. Serve as dipping sauce
14. Enjoy

Ingredients: Sliced mushrooms, Sliced onions, Sliced carrots, Sliced red bell peppers, Sliced yellow bell peppers, Sliced green bell peppers, Minced garlic, Rice already cooked with turmeric, Butter

Spices: Salt, White pepper, Thyme, Curry

1. Melt the butter
2. Add the mushrooms and stir fry
3. Add the onions
4. Add the minced garlic
5. Add the carrot
6. Add the bell peppers
7. Add the peppers
8. Stir fry till fragrant
9. Add the cooked rice
10. Mix all together
11. Add a little water
12. Cover and let steam till the water dries
13. Serve and Enjoy

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sliced Mushrooms, Sliced Cabbage, Sliced Onions, Shredded Cooked Chicken, Sliced Green Pepper, Baby Spinach, Sliced Scent Leaves, Chicken Stock, Water, Cooked Pasta.

Spices: Salt, Uziza, Cameroon Pepper, Thyme.

1. Heat up the coconut oil
2. Add the mushrooms and stirfry
3. Add the cabbage and stirfry
4. Add the onions and stirfry
5. Add the spices and let fry till fragrant
6. Add the chicken and mix in
7. Add the green pepper, stir
8. Add the spinach, stir
9. Add the scent leaves, stir
10. Add the chicken stock
11. Add water
12. Cover and bring to a boil
13. Add the pasta, stir and and let steam together to integrate the flavours
14. Stir and serve
15. Enjoy

Ingredients: Grated mushrooms, Eggs, Diced onions, Diced red bell pepper, Diced green bell pepper, Diced Spring onions, Butter for frying.

Spices: Salt, White Pepper, Uziza, Chili pepper.

1. Season the eggs with the spices and whisk, set aside
2. Melt the butter
3. Fry the onions till translucent
4. Add the grated mushrooms and fry
5. Add the red bell peppers and fry
6. Add the diced green bell peppers
7. Pour the whisked eggs and stir as it fries
8. Add the spring onions and continue frying till done
9. Serve with your choice of meal
10. Enjoy

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