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Akomz Foods is pioneering the cultivation of White Button Mushrooms also called Agaricus Bisporus. The company seeks to contribute to the total wellness of the people by providing farm fresh mushrooms to add to the nutritious and healthy menu options open to everyone.

White Button Mushrooms

A mushroom is a type of fruiting body of a fungus. White Button Mushrooms is one of the varieties of Mushrooms available for consumption. Mushrooms are considered as the fifth largest vegetable and they are organisms that are free of chlorophyll and therefore cannot do process of Photosynthesis.

Mushrooms are in different colors, sizes and shapes and the most common mushrooms have short, thick stems and umbrella like fleshy caps.

Mushrooms are cultivated as it is used by humans mainly as a source of food, but they also have medicinal properties, because they contain lovastatin (which lowers the cholesterol in the blood) which is a substance used in medicines for heart patients.

It also contains minerals like iron, phosphorus, potassium, and calcium and is rich with vitamins. It is also filled with fibres that help in digestion in humans.  Thus, mushrooms are considered as perfect food, and are also very popular around the world.

White Button Mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporous) Vary in sizes from small to jumbo stuffer.

Flavor: Pleasing flavor intensifies when cooked. Mature white mushrooms with open veils have an intensely rich taste.

Use: Very versatile and equally tasty fresh or cooked. Use raw in salads, with dips, sautéed with side dishes, breaded, or as an ingredient to enrich sauces, soups, stuffings or entrées. Healthy replacement for red meat and good addition in Nigerian soups, sauces (obe ata, Ofe) and other meals.

For Tasty, Nutritious and healthy meal, Akomz Foods Farm Fresh White Button Mushrooms gives you the all natural goodness of mushrooms that is an added value to your meals so that you eat to your satisfaction in a healthy way.